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      41. planets

      42. finally

      43. jealousy

      44. warmth

      45. fighting

      46. possession

      47. treated

      48. less

      49. paying

      50. fiendlier


      Spring Is Coming

      Nowadays, spring has become a popular topic that arouses the concern of the society.It is related to our life.

      There are a lot of views we can see in spring. On the one hand,many beautiful flowers and plants are growing in the garden.On the other hand, many kinds of animals recover from the coldness, which starts a new life cycle.

      As an important role in the nature, we also have a great number of activities in spring. Firstly, people can fly kites with their children, which not only exercises their bodies but also improves .their health.Secondly, inviting friends to go out for fun is also a good way to enrich our life in spring.

      In a word, 1 like the coming spring very much and I will beneft a lot from it.

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